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Our Brand Values

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The rausmann brand has four core values:;

Simplicity In Design

Design isn’t just about creating beautiful-looking products; design makes sense when it combines ease of use with quality. Due to our simplicity approach, there are no unnecessary parts in our products that prevent the use and bring repair costs. The design and ease of use are in rausmann’s genes.


Our safe product approach, which started from product development, has a quality control system that continuously makes itself even safer with subsequent tests and user feedback. The first question asked in the slightest modification of the products is whether this change is an obstacle to patient safety. Everyone involved in the production has a responsibility to report the identified problem.


For hospital equipment, performance is everything. It is especially vital for emergencies; no one wants to use a product that does not work in an emergency and that causes problems. Engineering comes into play in this area and plays an important role in the production of trouble-free, long-lasting products. Therefore, we invest in engineering and production and always aim to improve the performance of our products.


Every product taken to hospital, stretchers, cots, patient transport stretchers, waiting and companion seats must be long-lasting. RAUSMANN has a high quality production understanding that can withstand especially intense and hard conditions, and works with quality parts, special surface treatment, polyurethane material instead of plastic.

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