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Our Understanding Of Design

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Design is not just to develop” beautiful-looking ” products. Design is a more comprehensive concept that aims to provide an enjoyable experience for the user. The important thing is that rational design and user-friendly products can be produced. In the development phase of each new rausmann branded product, our design concern always takes precedence. What we understand from the design is “simplicity”; easy-to-use and stylish-looking products that are free from unnecessary parts.

Human-Centered Product

We all act through our senses; we are able to make sense of our perceptions through the data we obtain through the guidance of our five senses. It is undeniable that “beauty” is the most important factor that drives our senses. He has aesthetic anxiety in the way rausmann products appeal to the senses and lead to the emergence of beautiful emotions. It is very difficult to find other companies that are so concerned about not only functionality but also design when developing human-centered products in the medical field. With the ease of Use and elegance our products offer, we feel that we are part of the process by stimulating positive emotions in patients ‘ recovery processes.


Propellant, rough-looking beds made of plastic? Identical wheelchairs that have been produced in the same way for centuries? Extremely repulsive-looking stretchers? We make radical changes to all these products and offer contemporary design products. Design changes in medical products are taking place very slowly, but the rausmann brand is accelerating this change and offering modern products to the health sector.


When we look at the dictionary meaning of the word innovative, it is defined as the ability to produce new things or to develop new ideas. Since its inception, RAUSMANN has taken the power to be innovative with the idea of “delivering high engineering products that are both design-anxious, durable and show the expected performance”. We combine contemporary design with engineering in all our products. We do not force those who prefer our products to choose between usability and design elegance; we offer both at the same time.

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