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Multifunctional Emergency Stretcher UT-18

RAUSMANN Emergency Action stretcher UT-18

We know very well the importance of seconds in emergency departments…

Therefore, we have produced the RAUSMANN Multi-Function Emergency Action stretcher UT – 18 model, which is compatible with C-arm X-ray device and can be used safely in difficult conditions, without the need to transfer the patient from stretcher to stretcher.

In order to be able to drive the stretcher straight in long corridors quickly and safely, the stretcher easily travels straight through the fifth wheel, which is in contact with the floor by pressing the pedal under the head of the stretcher. Moving to Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions with the UT – 18 stretcher, changing the angle of the head side is both easy and fast.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Ridge section.
  • Polyurethane impact bumpers.
  • Reliable, comfortable to use braking system.
  • Side guard bars that open in a circular motion.
  • Height adjustable serum strap and urine hook.
  • Viscoelastic mattress with fire resistant, waterproof sheath.
  • Two-sided compact laminate coated, marine Contra material made of reclining surface.

We manufactured the opening and closing arms of the UT – 18 multi-function Emergency Response stretcher with polyurethane material. A solid structure was created for patient safety, and an additional safety was created against possible impact by using a material that was softer than plastic.

Besides the main elements such as functionality and security, we can easily add a comfort element. Our beds, made of condensed visco-elastic material, allow patients to be as comfortable as possible during difficult moments and play a big role in their rapid recovery after emergency response.

Visco bed used on stretcher, polyurethane bed sheath made with ultrasonic stitching offers impervious and sealing properties for all kinds of liquid spills. In this way, the life of the bed is extended and hygienic conditions are provided at the highest level.

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